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  • Gerrit Eicker 07:12 on 22. July 2009 Permalink
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    Digg: Back to Direct 

    Digg stops hijacking Twitter links, breaking the trust that it had built with publishers and users; http://tr.im/ts77

  • Gerrit Eicker 09:41 on 16. April 2009 Permalink
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    Digg Changes DiggBar 

    Digg changes DiggBar: users who are not logged into Digg will not see the controversial toolbar; http://tr.im/iWrf  

    • Gerrit Eicker 09:43 on 16. April 2009 Permalink | Reply

      TC: “With the DiggBar now doing 301 redirects for non logged-in users, Quinn says that the Digg-shortened URLs will not appear in the major search engines. … We’ll be interested to hear what Danny Sullivan and other SEO experts have to say about these latest changes. Early reactions from others who were opposed seem pretty favorable.”

      Sullivan: “I have mixed feelings. Showing a frame to only logged-in users seems like a fair compromise. There’s no doubt that for some Digg users, the framebar is useful. It’s also easier for them to use than downloading a separate toolbar (though Kevin said Digg still plans to improve and promote its toolbar).”

      Mashable: “Considering that publishers who despise the DiggBar have already developed ways to block it, Digg might be moving too swiftly to answer a few critics at the cost of users who could actually benefit from the product. Not to mention, it’ll be a blow to the considerable activity increases that Digg was seeing thanks to DiggBar. – As a matter of disclosure, a side project of mine (BurnURL (BurnURL reviews)) does some similar things to DiggBar and has been the subject of similar criticism. ”

      RWW: “Digg also announced that an astonishing 45% of all the activity on Digg is now happening on the DiggBar, and 25% of all DiggBar users are using the toolbar to discover new content by looking at related stories. According to John Quinn, only a very small number of Digg users have disabled the toolbar.”

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    DiggBar: We Do Not Hurt SEO 

    The DiggBar and URL shortening services discussion goes on: Digg believes they do not hurt SEO; http://tr.im/iAt1  

    • Gerrit Eicker 22:13 on 10. April 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Digg: “Prior to launching the DiggBar, we reached out to Google and SEO experts to ensure we adhered to the leading best practices, as we framed and linked directly to source content via the DiggBar. This process involved gathering feedback from publishers to ensure the execution was as content-provider-friendly as possible. We took several steps to ensure that search engines continue to count the original source, versus registering the DiggBar as new content. We include only links to the source URLs on Digg pages to allow spiders to see the unmodified links to source sites. These links are overwritten to short URLs in JavaScript for users who have this preference.”

      TC: “So crisis averted: the link structure of the Web remains intact. Whew, now I can go back to using the Diggbar. And I won’t be alone. Quinn also notes that since the launch of the Diggbar, ‘We’ve seen a 20% lift in unique visitors and many content providers have experienced similar traffic bumps this past week.’ If the Diggbar can do that consistently going forward, nobody is going to be complaining about it anymore – even if URL shorteners are still evil. – Update: Maybe the crisis hasn’t been averted. Some serious questions are still being raised, lots of people think that apart from the URL redirect issue framing Websites is evil in and of itself. John Gruber at Daring Fireball is so mad that he released this code to block the Diggbar from any site.”

      3DM: “Before the DiggBar, (and with legit shortening services) all those links would point to your url. Now, a large percentage of them are going to be links pointing to a page on Digg. Now if you are Yahoo, CNN, or the BBC, that isn’t really going to matter much. You don’t have to spend time thinking about building link equity, because you already have it. However, if you are a newer site struggling to build trusted link equity in the current black hole environment we live in, the mass adoption of the DiggBar is a serious issue. – I will be advising all clients to add some frame busting code to their sites so the DiggBar won’t work for the simple reason that regarless which scenario is accurate, they are both equally wrong.”

      Mashable: “Yes, the fact that you now have to click twice to get the real link out of Digg (or thrice, if you read Digg’s feed in an RSS reader) may be annoying to some users (you can turn it off; most users won’t bother, though). But, long term it’ll bring tons of traffic to Digg and probably make it the one of the biggest URL shorteners out there. Out of all the little changes, additions and tweaks Digg has done in the past couple of years (and there’s been a lot of them), DiggBar might prove to be the most important one.”

    • Nashville search engine optimization 01:15 on 11. April 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Digg is always been the best place for more traffic. This new feature will make it even the best.

  • Gerrit Eicker 09:00 on 3. April 2009 Permalink
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    Digg launches its own URL shortening service DiggBar: simply add digg.com/ in front of any URL; http://tr.im/ibG8  

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